against racism, and for Ray

Here at halftime of Super Bowl LVII, with the Eagles up against the Chiefs 24-14, I’d be fine with either team winning. The teams’ young quarterbacks, Jalen Hurts and Patrick Mahomes, are both likable in their own ways. Likewise with their coaches, Nick Sirianni and Andy Reid. I don’t happen to feel strongly about which former Steelers player (Javon Hargrave or JuJu Smith-Schuster) wins the trophy. The Eagles sport cool winged helmets; the Chiefs’ uniforms feature bold red, with a splash of yellow on their upper arms like the Spanish flag.

That said, I would prefer to see the Eagles win. First, the name of the Chiefs is racist. I don’t understand why the owners decided to retain this name in 2023, when the Washington Commanders are no longer the Redskins, and when the Cleveland Guardians are no longer the Indians and have eliminated their grinning caricature of a mascot. Second, Ray at the library is an Eagles fan. 

As we watched Rihanna’s halftime show, Solomon agreed these are both good reasons.

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