this moment in time

The 14-year-old is taking a break from finishing her last final project of the semester. She just borrowed my amp and preamp; I can hear her strumming beautiful chords up on the third floor. 

The 12-year-old is taking a break from home schooling. He just borrowed my duck boots; I can hear him scrape metal against concrete as he shovels the heavy snowfall from the sidewalk outside.

I can hear my spouse rustling a package of something as she enjoys a snack in the kitchen.

The dog walked and his claws tick-tacked on the wood floor. He shook his body and his tags clinked against each other.

The SSoCIA conference where I presented on Tuesday ended an hour ago. I am approaching the end of the semester and the number of tasks before break are countable on two hands.

My belly is full and the world is good.

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